Increasingly Technological Security

The world of security is facing growing needs, whose costs it must control. To his rescue, a professionalization of service providers and new technologies. After the week of attacks [January 7, 8 and 9, ed], a panic has blown on the staffs of some major French groups, “says Charles Pellegrini, the founder of the security […]


New Surveillance And Control Technologies For Secu...

Following consultations on the use of biometric data, the Commission has given itself the mandate to advise not only on this subject but also on other technologies that can be used for mass surveillance purposes. security. Mass surveillance can be considered a characteristic feature of modern societies. Its importance is matched only by the means […]


What Is The Private Cloud?

Cloud computing opens new horizons for companies, facilitating the development of new services or making more advanced technologies and infrastructures more accessible. But this technology is still scary, especially on data security in the “cloud”. The news does not help to restore confidence: cyber attacks, security flaws, data leaks, all this (often mistaken) the image […]


Tunisia-Tech: Security Is In The Clouds

Tunisian business leaders do not realize how important it is to secure their databases in case of misfortune. They continue to run risks by saving candlelight. Cloud computing as an emergency exit? “Business continuity plan and relief sites” is the theme of the day organized by the Tunisian Association of Information Systems Security (ATSSI). Scheduled […]


The Importance Of Securing Your Data

All business owners run the risk of experiencing a security breach – not just the LinkedIn of this world (the site was stolen 6.5 million user passwords in June 2012). “With companies putting more and more information on the web, critical data is being exposed, putting them and their customers at risk,” says Trac Bo, […]


Rethinking IT Security For Cloud Computing

Is security still a brake on cloud deployment? If the answer to this question remains overall affirmative, the field seems much better marked that only a few months ago. From the outset, cloud computing has sparked interest and distrust on the part of companies. Interest in this new model of IT service provision, accessible directly […]


The Apple A10X, With Joysticks, A Deluge Of Power

It is not on the side of autonomy that will default to the iPad Pro 10.5 inches. Let’s kill the suspense, it’s not on the side of power either. The new A10X Fusion chip is not only energy efficient but also powerful. Create column charts With a Benchmark tool such as Basemark OS II testing […]


Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, The Almost Identical And ...

At the end of 2014, Nvidia amazed us with its Android Shield Tablet, which was a huge powerhouse for the classic Google OS multimedia offering, responsive software monitoring and, above all, a solid video game strategy with an exclusive channel that turned the tablet into a real one. monster to play. After a few problems […]


Lenovo A7-10, Precarious Balance

What to expect from a tablet less than 100 €? The question arises today more and more with products like the Cdisplay of Cdiscount or the Fire 7 “of Amazon. The tactile slates have reached a price floor which makes them accessible to all, but which obliges them to make Lenovo’s A7-10 is a perfect […]


Pixel C, When Google Takes Excellence In Hand

Finally, Google also decides to try to reinvent the wheel and the tablet with a Pixel C that moves away, structurally, in the spirit and development of previous Nexus. High-end positioning, a desire to achieve some versatility, associated physical keyboard, excessive power, the Pixel C seems to be the answer to the question “What can […]


Asus ZenPad 10: Big Size And Small Price, The Good...

The year 2015 saw Asus position itself as a serious player in the smartphone market, with a slew of Zenfone 2. The Taiwanese manufacturer has also split a few tablets, including this ZenPad 10. The latter does not seek to come to shake the hierarchy trusted by Apple and Samsung on the high end. It […]


Acer Predator 8, It Has In The Stomach … And...

It’s not just Nvidia who thinks they can turn an Android tablet into an empowered gaming machine. Acer, via the Predator series supposed to embody the high-end PC gaming above all, launches into the bath with the Predator 8, an 8-inch Intel core tablet. The game is still in the line of sight and aims […]


4 Things I Did After Separating From My Cell Phone

In recent years, articles on the negative effects of smartphones have brought us down. For the gay community, dating apps like Grindr, Scruff or Hornet seem to encourage Parisian boys not to go out to meet and among the bars of the marsh that I attended in 2004 when I arrived in Paris, a dozen […]


New Technologies And Road Safety

New technologies are regularly emerging in the automotive sector. Some of them are real tools of Road Safety. Punishment, although one of the most used ways to reduce road deaths, is not necessarily the best way to improve road safety. Some companies and organizations have understood this, and have therefore embarked on the creation of […]


iPhone XS And XS Max: The Name Of The Future Apple...

A week before Apple’s Keynote, rumors continue. Only the LCD iPhone is still mysterious. A week before the annual Keynote Apple, scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, we know almost everything about the three future smartphones that the brand should present, according to recurrent rumors. Apart from the price and the name. In any case, until […]


Car Manufacturers Rely On Technology To Convert Ve...

Who would have thought that the most extraordinary innovation exhibited at CES a few days ago, the world’s largest consumer technology event, would not come from Silicon Valley, but from Detroit? The vehicles on display are tangible proof that a major change has recently occurred in the automotive sector. It must be said that manufacturers […]


1st Concretisation Of The Collaboration Between Th...

PSA Group and Huawei unveil their first connected vehicle DS 7 CROSSBACK is the first PSA Group vehicle using the IoT platform called CVMP “Connected Vehicle Modular Platform” and equipped with Huawei technology to benefit from new connected services This is the first implementation of the collaboration between Huawei and the PSA Group announced in […]


Privacy Policy

We are very concerned about the protection of confidential information and respect for privacy. Collection and Use of Information in the Electronic Delivery of Services As part of the electronic delivery of services to citizens and businesses collects confidential information to ensure, among other things, the processing of your file, the application of applicable laws […]


Without Driver Or Fear In The Autonomous Nissan In...

The Japanese car manufacturer has recently tested its unmanned cars in the streets of the British capital. The JDN was able to embark and let them drive. Without trembling. Almost invisible. This is the first detail that strikes at the sight of the autonomous Nissan that is about to take us into the streets of […]


Billions And Partnerships, Ford’s Recipe For...

The American manufacturer set out to create the vehicle of tomorrow. At the key, pharaonic investments, an army of researchers and acquisitions all over the place. It will soon be possible to drive and swallow series at the same time. The US automaker Ford has announced in its strategic plan Ford Smart Mobility, announced in […]


Europcar Reconverted To A Transport Hub Thanks To ...

The French giant of car rental accelerates on the new mobilities since the acquisition of the start-up Ubeeqo two years ago. 2 000. This is the number of cars put into car-sharing by Europcar via its subsidiary Ubeeqo. A drop in the ocean of the 300,000 vehicles in circulation rented by the multinational. But according […]


Geolocation: A New Path Towards Eco-Driving?

Do we reduce the fuel consumption of a professional fleet when we equip our vehicles with geolocation? Yes, obviously. This is the conclusion of the majority of our customers when we ask them what benefits they derive from their investment. This results from phenomena that can be described as “mechanical”, linked to the very principle […]


Ford Is No Longer (Only) A Car Manufacturer

The giant has created a subsidiary dedicated to mobility and is investing millions of euros in start-ups to capture a share of the gigantic transport services market. Ford has been present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) for six years. But this year, for the first time, the automaker had come without a car. In […]


What New IT Concepts Do You Think Will Be Most Use...

The world of information and communication technologies is constantly evolving. This dynamic is created by the new concepts that are regularly born from the invention of IT actors, whether businesses or individuals. Fashion effector response to a real need? Still, each of these concepts adds value to the ecosystem of information systems. In terms of […]


Probe The Depths Of Artificial Intelligence

The combination of human and artificial intelligence (machine learning), working together in corporate structures, has led to decisive progress. Two factors play a key role in the evolution of real-world applications of machine learning: the increase in computing power and the growing supply of data. As a result, big data projects are those where this […]


5 Pitfalls To Avoid When Analyzing Large Volumes O...

Big data is said to be the new black gold of the digital economy. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers and Iron Mountain, 43% of companies receive little benefit from their information, while 23% do not benefit from it. Many organizations do not know how to process and analyze the data at their disposal and so do not […]


Do Your Marketing Teams Struggle To Take Advantage...

You use big data to identify the customer and determine when, how, and how to submit the content. But can we be content with big data to achieve this goal? It is customary to associate big data with the “3 V” corresponding to the notions of volume, variety, and speed. If all three aspects have […]


Data, Video And Real Time: Place To Hyper-Personal...

The video has experienced in recent years many evolutions. In the United States, a new “specimen”, at the crossroads of big data and artificial intelligence, is shaking up the marketing and communication departments: personalized interactive video in real time. The exponential development of artificial intelligence allows for more fluid and more customizable interactions. By coupling […]


Uber And Waze Open Data To Seduce Cities

The VTC specialist and the navigation app community share their data with communities to help them cross the course of the smart city … And get closer to them. Millions of smartphones rather than millions of sensors. Instead of being equipped with multiple connected road infrastructures, since October 2014 cities have been able to join […]


Are The Data Storage Facilities Really Safe?

In recent years, the world of computer data storage is booming. And for good reason, we store more and more data: photos, videos, text documents … It all started with the good old diskettes, then came the CDs, the SD cards, followed by USB keys, hard disks and now famous clouds. It is precisely online […]