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4 Things I Did After Separating From My Cell Phone

In recent years, articles on the negative effects of smartphones have brought us down. For the gay community, dating apps like Grindr, Scruff or Hornet seem to encourage Parisian boys not to go out to meet and among the bars of the marsh that I attended in 2004 when I arrived in Paris, a dozen closed since. So I uninstall the dating apps from time to time to crack and start again because after all, everyone is on it. It’s also the romance that I wanted to leave Grindr and SMS. Because, Grindr, it’s still a dating factory. It also seems that 77% of Grindr users are sad out of the application.

In June, I shared my desire to disconnect two friends at the restaurant. How not to re-hire. My best friend has found the miracle solution although a little stiff: “Turn it off and give it to me, see you in three days and I give it back to you”. The radical solution. Reluctantly I perform by closing the door to my social, romantic, professional and sexual life. At first, I quickly made a call transfer to my landline, the only bridge that connects me to the outside world. I also get all my numbers from the application iCloud and I warn my closest friends that I no longer receive SMS. I ask my friend to check my SMS every week. After one week, plus a receipt SMS. Nice friends …

Finished so Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Grindr, emails & mobile internet. First fear: What will I do with all this free time and will I survive? In the subway, in the street, when I look for an address, how do we do to find someone in a bar without sending 10 SMS (“I’m out of the subway there, I’m here in 8 minutes”). FYI, there are neighborhood maps at all subway exits and at all bus stops.

First observation: we are really addicted!

On my metro line (line 5), I counted 7 out of 10 people on their cell phones (headphones, Candy Crush, email updates, SMS, calls, HuffPost …). For my part, it allowed me to open my eyes to my own situation of refusing to do nothing, to observe and just think.

Second observation: do not have a laptop, it isolates us … hollow relationships

The friends with whom we exchange by SMS indefinitely without ever seeing them, it’s over. Parents, friends, people who call on the laptop leaves a message on the fixed (I’m also looking for a cassette answering machine). Give her 01 to a conquest and tell her “I listen to my answering machine every day” it changes “it’s okay (or her going), what are you doing?” who have killed me more than one relationship before it really starts. It was by going to see Pleasure, Love and Run Quick that I felt a lack of romance in my romantic relationships.

The film takes place in the early 90s. Answering machine, Telephone booths, fortuitous meetings are then de rigueur in a traditional Brittany and not yet connected. Today, I make an appointment tomorrow at 20h at the bar Nant in the 18th and I realize how unusual it is to go to a meeting without a net. Also, I discovered a very pleasant feeling when I have a message on my answering machine or when I see the calls in absence when returning home at night. What happiness, I thought of myself during my absence.

Third observation: sometimes it’s handy for the laptop … but not so often

The codes that the bank sends you when you buy a train ticket on the internet, for example, it’s true that it helps. And the photos especially that I took all the time with my iPhone. Finish the deli boards on a sunset, finish the ducks of the Ourcq canal on a sunset and finish the arcades of the rue de Rivoli on a sunset … So, I think that I can take an hour to go to the station buy a ticket from time to time on the 4/5 hours released daily and that the balance is always positive. And for photos, I can stitch them on an Instagram account. And when I go to a concert, I feel like the only spectator in the middle of 2000 journalists.

Fourth observation: All my friends assure me that it is good to have hung up but that they, they simply can not

Impossible for me. I then offer to give me their laptop for 24h and see if tomorrow, the world will continue to turn. For the moment, I would say that I suffered half a dozen failures. 14 years ago, I went to Paris to live a tumultuous life and I find myself today in the bus with dozens of heads down and I can only exchange smiles with the elderly.

Initially, I just wanted to spend my summer without a laptop. But now I think I’m weaned and I do not want to take one back. I’m 33 years old and when I was a child, it was in front of the television that we spent too much time 4 hours a day. Except that everyone was not trimming with his TV H24. In some cases, I have to take my cell phone with me. For example, when I take the train, I have my discount card only on my mobile. Bad feelings come back instantly. As soon as the laptop is turned on, I wonder “Why do not you write me” I immediately feel frustrated and greedy for attention mark. Not to mention my inability to be bored, to do nothing when I have a smartphone in my pocket. Spend a day waiting for a boy’s call, it’s quiet.


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