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Are The Data Storage Facilities Really Safe?

In recent years, the world of computer data storage is booming. And for good reason, we store more and more data: photos, videos, text documents … It all started with the good old diskettes, then came the CDs, the SD cards, followed by USB keys, hard disks and now famous clouds. It is precisely online storage, managed by the data centers, which is now the most popular because it is dematerialized. But are all these means of data storage really reliable? Can we really deposit our most valuable information safely?

When we think of data storage, we immediately think of online storage. However, for a long time CDs, USB sticks and hard disks were the most used storage means. But their reliability was not proven. Indeed, their lifetime in time could be compromised by a simple drop or scratch, an electrical surge or simply the loss of the object. Because their portability was their main asset but also their greatest weakness. Not to mention the viruses that were easily transmitted from one object to another, which can cause the loss of all data in just a few seconds, without backtracking possible.

Now, the most reliable and convenient way to store your data is to be the cloud (“cloud”). Being able to dump files on storage space in just a few clicks from your computer or smartphone has been a real revolution for users. Protected by a username and password, this space is also encrypted, which makes it supposedly impossible to hack. In fact, computer attacks are legion, especially regarding the theft of data. Hence the importance of choosing a concrete identifier and password.

To contain as much information, these storage spaces have of course physical media that are other than gigantic cabinets filled with hard disks. And there is apparently no chance of ever losing your data. Indeed, these are copied to other disks, in case the storage cabinet that contains them would come to give up the soul. However, if the storage company went bankrupt, nothing says that you can recover your documents …

As we have just seen, IT resources are not immune from a security breach, despite all the efforts made to protect everyone’s information. Thus, it seems more prudent to keep sensitive data on backup media so as not to risk losing the result of several years of work for example.

If you have confidential information and do not want to take any risks, you can turn to security solutions that are almost inviolable. Some companies like Hartmann Tresore offer innovative safety safes. You can place your valuable information in the form of paper documents, USB keys or hard drives without the risk of losing or stealing them. IT may be our future, but it’s not our only recourse!


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