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Cloud Computing: 5 Ways The Cloud Has Already Transformed Work

Cloud computing is booming. In 2017, this technology has already invaded many companies, and yours is probably one of them. Discover 5 ways Cloud Computing has already transformed your workplace.

Cloud Computing allows you to spend less time on transport

In 2017, telework breaks new records. The number of people who work remotely has never been so high, and cloud platforms contribute greatly to this new phenomenon. A study conducted in June 2017 also reveals that 50% of American workers have a profession partially compatible with telework, and 20 to 25% of workers practice teleworking at a certain frequency.

The cloud is partly responsible for this transformation of the world of work since it allows you to edit documents remotely and share files between devices. Workers are no longer restricted to their computers on site. This change affects all sectors: in 2016, 48% of finance, insurance, and real estate professionals work remotely from time to time according to a Gallup survey. In 2012, this percentage was 39%.

Cloud Computing allows you to spend more time communicating

Applications running on the cloud can increase communication between workers, and allow multiple people to collaborate on the same project simultaneously. Now, thanks to the cloud, the work environment is no longer an individual but much more collaborative.

The cloud allows projects to be modified in real time not by an individual, but by a group. This reduces the margin of error. However, workers may also be forced to divide their attention between several projects simultaneously.

Cloud Computing Provides Greater Time Flexibility

Telework allows workers greater flexibility. It is no longer necessary to start working at 9 o’clock sharp to finish at 5 o’clock. Schedules can be organized according to each person’s personal schedule. This can have broader consequences such as reducing the gender gap, allowing women to balance their working lives and their mother’s schedule.

70% of working mothers feel it’s important to have a flexible schedule, according to a 2013 Pew Research survey. However, cloud platforms are often the ones that allow you to enjoy greater flexibility and work in motion. In the long run, this increases the retention rate of work and allows women to access more influential positions.

Cloud Computing allows you to use your own computer at work

In the cloud, data is more secure than ever. In the past, computers were like vaults since the data was stored internally on the hard drive. It was, therefore, necessary to use specially dedicated computers at work.

It was not safe to use his personal computer to work. A lost or damaged computer could result in the loss of valuable data. Now, thanks to the cloud, the computer is no longer safe, but a key to access data stored on the cloud.

Cloud Computing helps reduce the number of servers in offices

On-site infrastructure, such as servers, is no longer needed. Businesses can now contract with cloud service providers like Amazon and Google for remote storage.

Cloud storage has the advantage of being able to be increased or reduced according to the needs of the company. Thus, it is even more necessary to have an on-site IT department. The cloud has reduced some costs for startups that need a lot of storage space.


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