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Cloud Computing: Cloud Actors Looking For A Governance Model

Cloud Computing now appears at a crossroads. But, certainly called for a bright future, he is still looking for, remind us the participants of the last congress of EuroCloud. According to them, the companies look but have little impact, the traditional suppliers make announcements without falling completely … and its main supporters continue their evangelization effort, sure of the future success.

While it seems that there is still a long way to go for the Cloud is needed in particular in French companies, the participants in the last EuroCloud Congress, which took place June 27 and 28 in Luxembourg, confirmed the need to establish governance rules to foster the development of this market. A message that should go in the current sense of today’s DSI needs to be faced, both in the public cloud and on the Private Cloud, the multiplication of offers. The difficulty therefore often lies in the enlightened assessment of the quality of the infrastructures made available as part of a migration to Cloud Computing.

However, according to the organizers of Eurocloud, “the more Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are developing, the more European companies can seize the opportunities offered by these technologies. The growing maturity of these models is accompanied by a multiplication of good practices and governance framework that professionals can learn for optimal adoption. ”

A key message largely relayed, according to the organizers, by the industry players present: Jeannot Krecké, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Rainer Zinow, SVP OnDemand Strategy at SAP and Rainer Zimmermann, Chief of Department, Software and Service Architectures and Infrastructure within the European Commission. During this Congress, Minister Jeannot Krecké particularly emphasized the importance of standardization. The priority, he says, “is to explain in a clear and didactic way the issues of the cloud: everyone must be able to understand the implications of the cloud in terms of data security, integration, and portability.”

It must be said that the stakes are high. For EuroCloud first, whose sponsors include Microsoft, Orange Business Services, LuxCloud, TrustedCloudEurope by ebrc, SafeNet, Joyent, Equinix and who advocates both in France (with EuroCloud France) and in Europe for the development of Cloud Computing. But also for the user companies for whom the stakes of a migration towards the Cloud Computing are largely linked today to the perception of the maturity of the offer. A relative maturity, notes also some experts as recently testified Olivier Morbé, Director Practice IT at the Boston Consulting Group on our site.

Continue to evangelize in Europe

Not yet the stage of maturity, therefore, but already much more than just an interest. According to EuroCloud, Cloud Computing, thanks to the proposals made, is now one of the seven main initiatives to boost growth and create jobs in Europe by 2020. And the organization intends to participate in this rise. Pierre-José Billotte, its president, explains that “the organization is using its growing influence to encourage industry and government to adopt cloud computing services and define the right parameters around regulation and interoperability. EuroCloud plays a crucial role in drawing attention to the cloud market in Europe and its successes. ”

A statement that should seduce the European community in search of new job-creating ideas until traditional IT players react to the rise of a model that can be estimated in many ways potential destroyer value in software and infrastructure, but also in services.


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