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Cloud Provides More Flexibility For SMEs

Cloud technology is aimed at both those with high IT needs and smaller organizations. Today, SMEs can benefit from solutions that best meet their needs and that can evolve as they develop. The evocation of issues with Christian Haux, Sales & Marketing Director at Telindus.

Cloud computing, for an SME executive, remains something relatively abstract. How could this technology be useful to him?

Behind the concept of cloud, we find a lot of things. But if a leader had to remember one thing, it is the way in which this technology can transform its IT services to give it more flexibility and security, a better availability of services. Behind every business, there are IT needs that need to be managed. Business or support solutions need an infrastructure to work. Sometimes SMEs have an IT team in-house, sometimes they hand over these functions to the finance manager or a technician in the company. The cloud makes it possible to outsource all or part of the IT management.

What are the benefits of using a cloud solution rather than its own IT department or an integrator?

IT has become complex to manage. In-house expertise is not always available to master all the ins and outs. By deciding to outsource its computing in a cloud, the leader will no longer have to worry about its management. The SME benefits from a service that meets its needs, tailor-made. It is up to the cloud operator, who manages the infrastructure and all IT issues, to make sure that the applications remain available. In order to develop solutions that are managed internally, SMEs must invest, especially in servers, which represent a significant investment and which are often oversized compared to real needs. With the cloud, the company pays for a service, depending on its needs, for example by the user who actually uses the solution. She pays only what she actually uses.

There are also advantages associated with mutualization…

The resources necessary for the good management of IT are gathered in the same data center. Within our teams, we develop advanced expertise, put at the service of all our customers and which a single client could not access so easily. The pooling takes place on the human resources, but also on the infrastructure, the land space or at the level of the energy necessary to make it work.

Is using cloud solutions always cheaper than developing your IT internally?

Customers are always struggling to compare. Because they are not always aware of all the costs inherent to IT management internally. You have to be able to take everything into consideration, beyond software licenses or infrastructure. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the time spent by the employees on the computer management tasks, the consumed energy, but also the risk management. In the long term, you get access to a higher service for a lower cost or equivalent, in the worst case. Within the company, resources can be reallocated to tasks that create more value.

Does the cloud often raise questions about security, the location of data?

There are many cloud solutions that can bring more or less guarantee. Telindus operates cloud solutions, guaranteeing its customers that their data will not leave the Luxembourg territory.


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