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Cloud Software For The Office

Cloud is popular: one out of every two Swiss Internet users is already working with cloud-based services. This emerges from a study by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). And more and more people are turning to cloud software. But why? What is the cloud and what does it offer? Why are cloud software ideal for office work? We give you the answers.

What is the Cloud and what is Cloud Computing?

With the cloud, the data is no longer locally, at the workplace, but is stored in a secure external data center – it is online in the “data cloud” where it is searchable. Cloud computing, therefore, describes the use of such online applications, which can be rented on the Internet according to the needs (Pay per Use). Thanks to cloud technology, the use becomes possible regardless of location or device.

The benefits of the Cloud

According to a study by the Federal Statistical Office, there are two main reasons for using cloud services:

Availability is the most important benefit, data is available everywhere and is no longer device-related. It does not matter whether it’s a PC, a tablet or a smartphone; Windows, Mac, or another operating system – all you need is a browser and an Internet connection to access your data.

File sharing: In addition to independence, cloud services enable easier sharing of files. All collaborative work is thus greatly simplified.

In addition to these two benefits, there is no cloud installation required – you can access and work on your data from any device that can connect to the Internet. As a user, you should not worry about backups and updates either, as Cloud service providers (or SaaS providers like bio) automatically take care of them for you.

What kinds of cloud computing exist?

We often differentiate between three kinds of cloud-computing:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): As its name suggests, with this technology, only the useful IT infrastructure is already installed. The main advantage of this system, compared to a traditional purchase of computing infrastructure, lies in its scalability: according to your needs, you can always rent an infrastructure and more – which allows you to remain flexible.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): The PaaS service makes a platform available to the user, for which he has to pay. The advantage: the full service is installed by developers.

Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS technology is the most complete form of cloud computing. A service provider, such as bexio, offers complete software in the cloud. Users benefit from all the benefits of cloud software: they are mobile, independent, and they do not have to worry about the technical infrastructure, backups, and other updates.

Cloud software for office work

Cloud technology is not only convenient for the private user, it is also convenient for work – especially for office administration. Thanks to the Cloud, all data is available everywhere – to access it, all you need is an Internet connection. It’s the philosophy that drives business software like bexio: user-friendly, available everywhere and secure; so you have more time for your main activity.

With Cloud-Computing, you always take all the features of your enterprise software with you

Centralized contact management, available everywhere

Create offers and orders or issue invoices, with ease

Online accounting: you control your finances, revenues, and expenses

Banking: transmit payments and synchronize banking transactions at all times

Plus: keep an overview through time entry, project creation, and inventory management

Bexio adapts to the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), freelancers and startups. You do not need to install anything and you can work on any device – all you need is an Internet connection. We take care of the regular backups and we automatically load the new updates. In addition, we guarantee you the highest data security, thanks to our modern server infrastructure. With bexio, we offer you all the functions you need to run your business and drive it to success.


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