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Data, Video And Real Time: Place To Hyper-Personalization In Your Campaigns

The video has experienced in recent years many evolutions. In the United States, a new “specimen”, at the crossroads of big data and artificial intelligence, is shaking up the marketing and communication departments: personalized interactive video in real time.

The exponential development of artificial intelligence allows for more fluid and more customizable interactions. By coupling data and video, you get a format that adapts in real time to each user to enable a customized dialogue and an ultra-personalized experience. Create unique, real-time campaigns that build relationships with your audiences.

In France, AXA took the first step, with a disruptive campaign based on personalization. Each of the 400,000 targeted customers was thus sent a video built according to a personalized scenario according to their profile, about twenty typical profiles having been identified beforehand: at the first connection, the customer was questioned by his first name and was immersed in a mid-real world mid-cartoon in which the agent AXA presented to him in real time various contents which adapted to his situation. Result: 60% of the customers who viewed the video wanted a contract with a consultant …

After-sales service, advertising, direct marketing … endless possibilities!

Let’s plan for a moment, let’s be the target:

  • Customer service: exchange with a super concierge, human, offering attentive listening and ultra-personalized, which accompanies you according to your emotions and moments of life, which anticipates your questions. There is only one step to talk about video bot.
  • Sales: Be “contacted” by the friendly commercial of a service provider who offers you a tailor-made subscription because it uses external data (social media, route on the site etc.) and internal (CRM etc.) about you.
  • Real-time marketing: Deal with a really relevant and fine advertising, which holds your attention by responding point by point to your sensibilities and needs of the moment (real-time marketing).
  • After Sales Service: To be accompanied by a real expert in solving a problem …

The two limits: the man and the data

The field of possibilities is therefore infinite, the only limit is no longer technology, but: Man, who must imagine not only all possible scenarios so that the experience of his device is total “one to one”, but which must also industrialize all production processes to produce quality videos with multiple scenarios and limited budgets.

Data, which is everywhere but often difficult to exploit, can constitute a real obstacle for the marketing and communication departments. The latter, accompanied by agencies whose main role is to reconcile Data and Creativity, must go hand in hand with the CIOs and IT companies, responsible for transmitting data from the IS of the company.

The video is dead, long live the hyper-personalization

Infobésité, Content shock … While brands are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and engage audiences that are always over-solicited, hyper-personalization and hyper-contextualization are major issues in marketing devices. The video is not spared and there is no doubt that the interactive format and personalized in real time will prevail in the coming years, serving “hyper-relevance” to conclude on a neologism.


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