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iPhone XS And XS Max: The Name Of The Future Apple Smartphones Leak Finally

A week before Apple’s Keynote, rumors continue. Only the LCD iPhone is still mysterious.

A week before the annual Keynote Apple, scheduled for Wednesday, September 12, we know almost everything about the three future smartphones that the brand should present, according to recurrent rumors. Apart from the price and the name. In any case, until Wednesday, September 5th.

BGR and 9to5Mac both claimed, citing unnamed sources, that Apple’s smartphones will be called iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. If the “S” is rather logical (we are on an improvement without much change compared to the iPhone X released last year), the term Max is new. At the end of August, Bloomberg believed that Apple planned to no longer use the term “Plus” for its 2018 model.

If we believe BGR and 9to5Mac, then only two things remain unknown. The price of these machines, but also the name of the third iPhone. It should be, in terms of size, between the XS and the XS Max, but should cost less (especially thanks to a less powerful screen).

Until these details are revealed and rumors are confirmed or reversed, a little feedback on what is believed to know the future Apple iPhone.

As in 2017, the iPhone 2018 should be three in number, according to the famous analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo. A rumor also mentioned by Bloomberg and other sources.

One of the smartphones should be an update of the iPhone X. Same format, same screen, same technologies, but with a new processor and some substantial improvements. This will be the iPhone XS if we believe the rumors.

In parallel, the large format version, usually called “Plus” but which should be called “Max”, will also adapt to the new design of the iPhone X. This should allow passing a screen of 5, 5 inches to 6.5 inches for an equivalent size.

At the end of August, 9to5Max unveiled supposed photos of these two smartphones:

Finally, a third smartphone should be presented. If it also looks like the iPhone X, it will be a little bigger, but should be cheaper by sacrificing some options (see below).

This third iPhone will have a 6.1-inch LCD screen (unlike other versions that, like the iPhone X, switched to Oled technology, more efficient).

In addition, this smartphone will be equipped with an aluminum shell rather than stainless steel and will have only one photosensor in the back. With these sacrifices, the various sources believe that the price of this iPhone will be lower than the other two.

It could be available a little later than the other two models. Indeed, if Apple remains on the LCD to reduce costs, the company would have chosen technologies that can erase the differences with Oled screens. But this seems to lead to production delays, according to the weekly Barron.

Uncertain prices

If the date of September 12 is advanced by several sources, the price of the iPhone 2018 is still uncertain.

It must be said that if the rumors are confirmed, the entire range of Apple should be turned upside down. If several prices circulate, for simplicity, many analysts start on this order of magnitude:

iPhone 6.5 inches (the XS Plus): 900-1000 dollars

iPhone 5.8 inches (the XS): 800-950 dollars

6.1 inch iPhone (the new kid with LCD screen): 600-750 dollars

The end of the iPhone X

If these prices are confirmed, the iPhone X which starts at $ 999 should then clearly suffer a drastic price drop to continue to be interesting. Unless Apple chooses to delete it altogether.

Since the beginning of the year, several sources have mentioned this possibility. It would not be illogical. This smartphone was presented as a special model, dedicated to mark the 10 years of the iPhone and to show the way that would take the Apple in the coming years.

In addition, the Apple brand has already done this with the iPhone 5, whose production was stopped the year after its release, so as not to overshadow the iPhone 5c, his first attempt at a smartphone “low cost”.


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