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New technologies: Mobile Internet And Cloud Computing Will Boost The Sector

In its 2009 assessment of the telecom, Internet and media sectors, the Idate Institute of Studies considers mobile Internet and cloud computing as two major innovations that are decisive for the future.
Publishing on Tuesday its “Digiworld”, 2009 assessment of all sectors telecom, Internet and media, the Institute of Audiovisual and Telecommunications in Europe, indicates that these markets experienced their first decline in turnover in 2009. But the mobile Internet and the “Cloud Computing” are two decisive innovations for the intangible economy and the information society.

The flight of the mobile Internet, Europe late

Six out of ten people in the world now own a mobile phone, which represents 4.5 billion subscribers. The broad coverage of mobile broadband networks (3G and HSPA) and the breakthrough of smartphones are powerful vectors for the development of mobile Internet usage. The global success of the Apple iPhone has both boosted players like the Canadian RIM (Research in Motion), the manufacturer of Blackberry, already installed in this segment and attract newcomers such as Google and his first smartphone model, the Nexus One.

With the mobile Internet, operators have found a great opportunity to offset or even increase the decline in average revenue per subscriber (ARPU); Thus, in 2009, the share of “non-voice” revenues accounted for 23% of total operators’ retail services revenues, a doubling in six years and weighing 30% by 2012, given that it already exceeds 40% in Japan.

In terms of volume, the figures are progressing at an even more significant pace. Based on calculations made by Exane BNP Paribas for the European market, data consumption on operators’ networks could be multiplied by 32 between 2009 and 2015! The challenge now is for operators, manufacturers, and regulators to find ways to unlock the necessary capacity and avoid network saturation.

Progress regarding the deployment of very high-speed networks also shows situations at least contrasted that the economic turmoil encountered in 2009 have not settled. Japan and South Korea are distinguished by their advance in this area, the United States progress. As for Europe, it is lagging behind. The reasons are various: regulatory debates not slices, technological options still in debate, wait – and – see with regard to the importance of investments, etc.

The world’s largest mobile operators are expected to adopt LTE (long-term evolution), a future 4th generation mobile network standard.

Cloud computing is gaining ground

The computer server market, which is a staple of the data center market, fell by 7% in 2009 to 65.3 billion euros worldwide. Companies are still cautious in their investments in information technology (IT), this market should still, according to the CAP, decrease in 2010 but much more slightly. On the other hand, IT outsourcing posted a 3% rise in turnover to 165 billion euros, companies seeking to optimize their costs by outsourcing their IT.

With cloud computing, users (businesses and individuals) are no longer the owners of their IT servers, but can now access many online services in a scalable way without having to manage the underlying infrastructure, which is often complex. Applications and data are no longer on the local computer, but, metaphorically speaking, in a cloud (hence “cloud computing”).

While proprietary solutions, based on the licensing model, are still largely predominant, they should gradually give way to online services, virtualization being now at the center of the offers offered by all market players. Provided that the concept of “Cloud Computing” less vague. According to actor Rackspace, about 14% of US and UK companies equate cloud computing with virtualization technology and 8% with an online storage system. A third of US companies and 27% of UK companies simply do not know how to use cloud computing in their IT infrastructure.


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