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Nuage Networks Wants To Put The Network In The Cloud Hour

With its VSAP solution, Nuage Networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s nugget soon in the fold of Nokia Networks, addresses the problem of companies whose network is now unable to keep pace with the continued growth of server and storage virtualization.

We’ve already talked about the developments of the start-up Nuage Networks in the field of network virtualization. Funded by Alcatel-Lucent, and soon Nokia Networks, this young company based in Mountain View was created in 2012 by Sunil Khandekar, CEO, and Dimitri Stiliadis, CTO, former executives of ALU, to meet the needs of companies and telecom operators. Namely, solve the issues of scalability and automatic provisioning of hybrid cloud services, public and private. “Companies want to accelerate the development of their applications and the cloud is the right solution. With DevOps, it’s like pushing a button, but without a network, there’s no cloud. It is therefore essential to make the network more flexible and better adapted to the cloud by lightening the procedures and the complexity “explained Sunil Khandekar during a meeting at the headquarters of the start-up. “CIOs do not like the cloud because they are afraid of losing control. So they need tools to know what’s going on, keep their hands in case of security issues for example, even with the automation of tasks. ”

To meet the needs of CIOs, Cloud is pushing its Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) solution that correlates the operation of virtual and physical sublayers in a software-defined network to better support applications and workloads. Cloud indicates that it uses standard protocols to achieve this goal instead of proprietary approaches proposed by its competitors in the SDN that require specific hardware.

Discovery of physical and virtual topologies

Visibility in physical and virtual network operations is the key to isolating errors and ensuring the quality of service. The VSAP system discovers, aggregates, and maintains virtual and physical topologies to correlate services, analyze errors, and help implement corrective actions, says Cloud. The start-up claims that VSAP can work with all data center routers and switches that support protocols such as OSPF, BGP, ISIS, and SNMP. He also works with Cloud’s SDN Service Controller to correlate policies and virtual objects between physical and virtual infrastructures.

VSAP tracks the lifecycle of services and virtual machines, logs historical events, correlates events and alarms between physical and virtual environments, and maintains an inventory of all exit points in a virtual tunnel on the network. It also displays the virtual objects associated with the physical elements on the sublayer.

NSX as the main competitor

Among competitors of VSAP, Nuage Networks quotes VMware with NSX but not Big Switch Networks or even Cisco ACI. “We use Open Flow but not like Big Switch,” the CEO told us. “We virtualize the overlay, not the switch, we do not depend on OS, Cisco, Arista … it does not matter. We work with KVM, ESXi or Xen and already support container technology. ” Partnerships include Dell, HP, Cumulus Networks and Arista.

Available now, VSAP is already in testing with several customers, operators and companies in Europe and the United States.


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