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The Cloud … Or Why It’s Good To Have Your Head In The Clouds!

Nowadays, we hear more and more cloud computing, cloud computing, cloud, and so on. If you think this is a passing fad, think again right away. You should rather evaluate this avenue without delay in order to benefit from it. On the other hand, do not make the mistake of going head on down without evaluating your needs.

What is the cloud?

All companies have a more or less large computing environment ranging from a few computers to a larger network environment of multiple servers. Soon, these companies realized that the overall cost far exceeds that of simply buying the equipment. Beyond server purchases, there will be a need to purchase operating systems and software, to install and maintain them, to take care of backups and restore files in the event of a problem. need and so on. There are also the costs related to the expertise that is not to be neglected, because, in the case of a small company, we will have to use the resources of an external firm for occasional support, but in the case of a larger company, hiring an IT manager and even a team is to consider. It’s all about the IT infrastructure. This is where the cloud can be interesting.


Take the case of a company that buys accounting software available in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode. You pay for the use of the software and not for its acquisition which is very different since one can start using it from the moment of purchase. No server to buy, no backup security to support and updates are done automatically. Just to become familiar with the software and then you can start using it.

Suppose you are interested in purchasing an accounting software, but it is not available in SAAS mode: you will need to plan equipment on which to implement the software. If you believe that the cloud is not an option, think again. Rather than buying equipment, one could acquire an application-supportable platform (PAAS) or an infrastructure as a service (IAAS) that offers more flexibility, but which requires more involvement in the preparation of the environment. In both cases, we avoid having equipment on our walls and having to take care of the equipment. A concern less, because it avoids the problems of acquisition, space, electricity, and possibly replacement once the equipment becomes obsolete.

Now, where to start?

Many software providers offer their products in cloud mode. You should include this point in your selection criteria. In case you consider buying a platform or servers instead, there are two great leaders who have a significant lead over the rest of the global cloud market at this level, Amazon with its AWS service and Microsoft with its offers AZURE. Other services, some of which are located in Quebec, also offer interesting alternatives that deserve to be evaluated. Not all offers are equal and the advice of a specialist can often save you money. A specialist will also be able to guide you to the ideal infrastructure and determine with you whether it is better to steer or not to the cloud or to implement a hybrid solution. One thing is certain, the cloud is here to stay and unlike the weather, this is good news.


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