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Tunisia-Tech: Security Is In The Clouds

Tunisian business leaders do not realize how important it is to secure their databases in case of misfortune. They continue to run risks by saving candlelight. Cloud computing as an emergency exit?

“Business continuity plan and relief sites” is the theme of the day organized by the Tunisian Association of Information Systems Security (ATSSI). Scheduled as part of the information security days, this event was held on Tuesday, May 04, 2010 at the Amphitheater of Tunisia Telecom, at the Technological Pole of El Ghazala.

After various presentations and interventions given throughout the day by the representatives of different organizations concerned, a closing roundtable was held from 16h. “On this day of the launch of the third national telephone operator (Orange), Mr. Montassar Ouali, president, and CEO of Tunisie Telecom had circumstances that prevented him from attending this roundtable. It’s up to me to represent him presiding over this session, “says Samy Ayoub, deputy general manager of Tunisie Telecom.

Prevention is better than cure

Among the speakers at this roundtable, we find Adel Gaaloul, General Manager of SOTETEL, Ahmed Mansour, Chairman of the Order of Chartered Accountants, Belhassen Zouari, General Manager of ANSI. These managers have shared their experiences with the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and backup sites. They all highlighted the need for setting up PCAs for different types of companies.

This group of directors and senior officials unanimously confirmed that Tunisian business leaders tend to realize the importance of securing their databases only after “misfortune “. For them, breaking with this bad habit now represents an emergency in order to be protected from the danger of unforeseen events, especially since the loss of data sometimes leads to significant damage in terms of turnover.

All participants also emphasized that awareness of this fact is as necessary as it is urgent. In order to react, it would be necessary to start by establishing a culture that is conducive to the smooth running of business continuity plans and backup sites. It is this requirement which represents the only guarantor of the success of the emergency plans.

Cloud Computing, emergency exit!

Technical expertise also had a say in the speeches of Slimane Nasri, director general of information systems at the Central Bank of Tunisia, and Haithem El Mir, technical director of ANSI. For his part, Mohamed Wassel Belhadj, director of the information systems integration of Tunisie Telecom, emphasized the importance of the initiation to cloud computing (literally computing in the clouds, or decentralized and dematerialized) and the contribution of virtualization in supporting backup solutions.

“Cloud computing can provide a solution for those who can not afford it,” he says. Is there a cloud computing project being considered by the incumbent operator? “The reflection is of great interest for Tunisie Telecom,” says Wassel Belhadj before continuing: “Maybe the reflection is taking its course, but, to my knowledge, there is currently no project.”

Cloud computing is a way out for some companies struggling to invest to secure their data. While waiting for a real awareness, Tunisian entrepreneurs continue to run risks by saving candlelight. What risks, in the end, to cost them dearly. Beware of the victims of unpleasant surprises!


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