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What New IT Concepts Do You Think Will Be Most Useful In 2017?

The world of information and communication technologies is constantly evolving. This dynamic is created by the new concepts that are regularly born from the invention of IT actors, whether businesses or individuals. Fashion effector response to a real need? Still, each of these concepts adds value to the ecosystem of information systems. In terms of its impact or usefulness, it is a matter of personal judgment. It is therefore to assess the interest in these new technological trends that this survey is timely.

From the many technological concepts that exist, we present some of the most popular ones.

The machine learning

Machine learning is a sub-domain of artificial intelligence that deals with the mechanics of an automated system to learn dynamically. Several sectors exploit this concept, such as scientific research, game programming, and so on. It is a technological trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a computer-based approach that uses a remote (or other) WAN network and application resources (servers, storage, collaboration and administration tools, etc.). These remote resources are called cloud (in the cloud). It is a relatively recent approach to computing, which brings several benefits, the most notable of which are: the reduction of the maintenance costs of its IT infrastructure, the reduction of energy consumption, the rapid layout of a platform ready to use for the deployment of applications, the provision of a simple backup solution accessible to all, even to non-IT specialists, etc.

Systems virtualization

Virtualization, in computing, is a technology that allows multiple instances of operating systems to run on a single physical server. The advantages offered by virtualization are numerous: the reduction of the costs of acquiring an IT infrastructure, the reduction of the maintenance costs of this infrastructure, the reduction of energy consumption, the provision of a test environment to lower cost, etc. Faced with these advantages, virtualization has rapidly integrated several enterprise information systems, sometimes being the basis of important applications or databases.

Application virtualization

Application virtualization is a technique of running an application independently of the operating system. It is based on the concept of containers, the best known of which is Docker. The main advantage is to free the developer from the constraints specific to the operating systems.


The concept of DevOps is an approach to align developers and users on the same wavelength, represented in a so-called operations team. The goal is to optimize the task cycle in a programming project. The concept of DevOps is increasingly being adopted in companies as it helps to bring application programming closer to the realities of operations.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Concepts that combine the real world with the imaginary world in a 3D environment, virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies implemented in the new versions of video games. They also find application in training and other professional settings.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things or IoT can be defined as the network of intelligent devices that can be manipulated remotely, usually via the Internet. It is a rather practical trend that finds its application both in professional activities (medicine, industrial mechanics, etc.) and even in domestic life.

And other technologies and concepts like Bitcoin, the agile method that mark today’s computing, and that you are invited to take up.


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